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The most affordable and easiest installation.b2b_install

The condensor unit is positioned outside on the floor behind the head unit. The head unit is mounted to an external wall.






2.5kW-3.5kW                           from $450.00 Inc GST



4.0kW-8.0kW                           from $550.00 Inc GST







What you get:

  • Outdoor unit positioned on existing paving/Slabs 
  • Up to 3 meters of refrigeration pipe and interconnecting cables
  • Up to 20 meters electrical supply
  • Includes 1 Length duct cover (2.4meters)
  • Weatherproof Electrical isolator next to outdoor unit



  • Extra refrigeration pipe and electrical over first 3m                       $45.00/m
  • Extra electrical supply cable over first 20m                                     $20.00/m
  • Wall brackets                                                                                       $100.00